Researcher Ari Alamäki is preparing a digitalization indicator for B2B-sales

In the DIVA-research project funded by Tekes, we are now working on the digitalization indicator for B2B-sales. AriAlamaki2015

It will show outlines for the maturity level of digitalization and development tasks from the viewpoint of B2B sales in firms. We utilize digital transformation and roadmap research in this work.

According to the studies, the behavior of business buyers has changed and will change due to digitalization. The B2C sales has traditionally been the forerunner as they have larger volumes, more transactional sales, most consumers are networked in social media and products and services are less complicated. In addition, a major part of eCommerce is focused on the consumers. Nowadays, decision-makers in the B2B-sector are increasingly searching means to benefit from the Internet-technologies and best practices in online sales and sales support.

There are several tools such as videos, chats, expert content, simulators, some, marketing automation, business analytics and intelligent systems which are enablers for new means and ways to support the customer journey on the net. Moreover, sales competencies and management should also adapt to these requirements set by the digitalization.

Ari Alamäki