Digital Selling and Value Creation in Digital Channels

Pia Hautamaki 2015I work as a sales teacher at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Finland and I have noticed that even sales students are unsure about their employment possibilities in the future. Just to mention, Haaga-Helia is one of the universities in Europe where you can do your bachelor’s degree on professional b2b selling. At the moment we’re developing our curriculum to meet better the future needs concerning sales and digitality.

Today you cannot go to a b2b meeting without any information on your b2b customer. Having been able to set up a meeting with a b2b customer is often a sign that you have been doing your job well and it has been noticed by the customer. It might be that the customer has checked your LinkedIn profile and you have had some common contacts or the customer has noticed that you are active in Twitter or in digital forums with your b2b customers. This is a very good start for a b2b meeting!

In b2b meetings, you often face a b2b customer who already knows what he/she wants. This is often a sign that your company’s website and tools there are in good condition (if not, you probably wouldn’t be meeting this b2b customer). Now it’s your turn to continue and make sure that your customer’s buying process goes smoothly until the closing. If you are able to add value in the cooperation with your new business customer, it might lead to meeting more b2b customers.

But how can you ensure that the online dialogue with the b2b customer runs smoothly? Or how you co-create value in b2b sales meetings? Are b2b customers as technologically adaptive as marketers think? Are they able to find the information meant for them from all the information available?

This topic and questions are something what I want to research more. But for sure, we really need to have b2b sales professionals who are able to be the value co-creators both in advance and in a long-term perspective. 

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Pia Hautamäki